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A pain control clinic offers a variety of treatments for people suffering from chronic pain. These clinics use the latest technology and medical diagnostic equipment to control pain. They also provide a comfortable environment for patients. Most clinics have medical staff and work with primary care physicians to monitor the condition of patients. Patients should be honest about their pain and symptoms during their first appointment. They should also schedule follow-up appointments to see how their treatment is working. Do you want to learn more? Visit QC Kinetix (Lubbock), Lubbock.

After assessing your pain, a doctor will prescribe appropriate treatment. Your pain management doctor will evaluate your past medical records, including medications and diagnostic studies. They may also ask you to keep a pain diary so that they can better understand the severity of your symptoms. They may also prescribe exercises that you can do on your own to manage pain.
Besides prescription medications, your doctor may give you TENS machines. These machines are small machines that apply electrical current to a patient’s skin. They are effective in controlling pain caused by inflammation. Pain control clinics should ensure that their patients don’t take illicit drugs or other medications that might be harmful to their health.
A pain control clinic is an effective option for people suffering from chronic pain due to arthritis. These clinics can offer regenerative medicine treatments to treat arthritis and other forms of pain. These treatments are minimally invasive and can provide long-term relief. Furthermore, patients can schedule a free consultation with a doctor to find out which treatments would be the best for their pain.
Besides prescribing medication, a physician at a pain control clinic can recommend dietary changes and other therapies that will help them manage their pain. Patients should also inform the doctors about any unusual symptoms and daily activities that may affect their pain levels. Moreover, patients may also need to keep a pain diary to help them decide the best treatment plan. Since pain affects every person differently, each treatment plan will be unique.
The goal of pain clinics is to improve the quality of life for patients with chronic pain and to restore their functional capacity. The clinics also educate patients on how to deal with pain and live a more normal life. These clinics help patients learn how to manage their pain through self-management skills and relaxation techniques. As a result, patients report reduced pain and emotional distress, and return to a more normal lifestyle.
There are many reasons why people experience pain. It could be the result of an accident, surgery, or injury, or it could be a symptom of some metabolic problem. Other reasons may include muscle and joint injuries. A pain control clinic can help patients manage their pain and return to an active lifestyle. These doctors are trained to identify the source of the pain and find an effective treatment plan. They can also prescribe medications to treat the problem.
Holistic Pain and Wellness is a pain control clinic offering telehealth visits and in-office visits. The clinic accepts most insurance plans, including Medicare and Medicaid.