QC Kinetix, a Charlotte-based regenerative medicine franchise, offers non-surgical, effective therapies for chronic pain conditions. Its treatments are an alternative to painful surgery and addictive pain medication. These treatments maximize the body’s natural ability to repair itself and heal. This ultimately leads to improved quality of life.

QC Kinetix franchisees enjoy hands-on support from their QC Kinetix leadership, and they benefit from frequent clinic review visits. Franchisees are also provided with access to a Confidential Operations Manual, detailing the operational procedures and marketing strategies for a QC Kinetix clinic. Franchisees also benefit from the use of pre-approved technology tools and systems. Visit QC Kinetix (Gahanna), Gahanna for more details.

QC Kinetix clinics are a proven model that has been tested in the market. The company’s model allows medical providers to get away from the corporate practice world and pursue their passion for helping others. Moreover, the franchise model offers flexibility to medical providers as they can choose between opening one or multiple clinics. Alternatively, they can partner with a non-licensed investor. Franchisees benefit from QC Kinetix’s established operating systems, effective marketing programs, and access to equipment suppliers.

Patients seeking a regenerative medicine treatment for chronic pain at QC Kinetix can expect to experience less pain, reduced risk, and improved quality of life. These treatments are less invasive, less expensive, and more effective than traditional medical methods. QC Kinetix medical providers constantly invest in scientific research and development.

QC Kinetix is a world leader in the regenerative medicine industry. Today, the market is estimated at $13 billion and is expected to grow by 26 percent annually. The company has experienced rapid growth over the last three years, with a five-fold increase in revenue in the first half of 2021.