When it comes to replacing a refrigerator water filter, you have many options to choose from. You can simply swing the old filter out of its slot and remove it or you can rotate it counterclockwise to remove it. Once you have removed the old filter, you must insert the new one, making sure to lock the cap into place. Then, flush the refrigerator water line with about four gallons of water.Have a look at Discount Water Filters for more info on this.

To replace a filter, remove the old one from the water dispenser. Then, press down on the new one until it clicks into place. After the replacement is complete, run the water dispenser for three minutes to prime the new filter. Afterwards, you can water your plants or dispose of the water.

When you have removed the old filter, you may be left with a gray or black filter. This is normal and is not harmful. If the water filter is made of carbon, you may see some black specks in the water, but it is safe to drink. A paper towel can catch any water that may fall from the filter.

Refrigerator water filters should be replaced every six months. Besides removing impurities, these filters also remove chlorine. They are usually found on the back of side-by-side refrigerators. If they are in good condition, they will improve the flow of water in the refrigerator and the icemaker.

When you replace the refrigerator water filter, make sure to know the model and brand. You can find replacement filters at home, or you can visit websites like to check for current stock. There are many ways to change a refrigerator water filter, and you should read the refrigerator manual before attempting it.

Refrigerator water filters should be checked every six months or every 200 gallons. A poorly functioning filter can increase the amount of contaminants in your water and make your water unusable for consumption. A malfunctioning filter can even affect the water dispenser and ice maker. So, be sure to replace your refrigerator water filter before your fridge starts to show the symptoms of a clogged filter.

While refrigerator water filters are designed to remove certain pollutants, they cannot remove lead or chromium-6. Even in cities where water is treated to remove lead, it is still found in a large percentage of it. Although the city has begun replacing lead service lines, it has not completely solved the problem.

Most manufacturers recommend replacing the water filter in a refrigerator every six months. The date the filter needs to be changed is listed on the sticker located on the filter. Some models even have a light that indicates when it needs to be replaced.