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There are many types of joint pain treatment available, and you should see a doctor if you are experiencing unexplained joint pain. The pain should not go away on its own, but it is important to find an early diagnosis so you can get an effective treatment. If the pain is severe, it is best to seek medical help, and to avoid self-medication. Visit here QC Kinetix (Mill Creek)

One of the most common joint pain treatments is physical therapy. It can help you increase your range of motion and reduce the risk of future injury by strengthening the muscles around the painful joints. A physical therapist may also use ultrasound, heat or cold therapy, and nerve stimulation to reduce joint pain. These treatments are often combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Physical therapy involves custom-made exercises that help the body strengthen itself and reduce stress on the joints. You can also use braces for certain joints, which will provide additional support to improve function and stability. You can also try a few simple home treatments to help with your joint pain. Alternating hot and cold treatments is a great way to reduce joint stiffness. If you have swollen joints, applying ice packs can also help.

NSAIDs can help relieve moderate to severe joint pain. Over-the-counter NSAIDs include aspirin and ibuprofen. In some cases, you may need to seek medical care if your joint pain persists. Other options include prescription pain medications and injections. If your pain is severe, consider seeing a specialist.

Surgical procedures may also be an option for joint pain treatment. Some patients will be candidates for arthroscopy, which is a minimally invasive procedure. During this procedure, the surgeon will insert a small tube with a fiber-optic camera under the skin. This allows the surgeon to see the damaged tissue in the joint and perform the surgery to repair it.

A combination of over-the-counter medications may be effective for minor joint pain. However, these medications can have side effects, including damage to the liver and other organs. Alternatively, your doctor may prescribe a steroid injection for pain relief. Physical therapy or surgery may be necessary if over-the-counter medications do not provide relief.

Occupational therapists can provide advice about the best way to deal with arthritis pain. They can also refer you to the right services and offer emotional support to people who are dealing with joint pain. The Arthritis UK helpline is also available to offer emotional support. You can contact them at 0800 5200 520 for more information.

Joint pain can be caused by traumatic injuries, infections, autoimmune diseases, and even a malignant tumor. If left untreated, some of these conditions can lead to severe health problems, including loss of mobility. Fortunately, treatment is available for both acute and chronic cases.