Furnace Repair – An Overview

If your furnace isn’t keeping the temperature you set, you need to have your furnace checked out by a professional. This is important because furnaces require maintenance throughout their lifetimes, and recurring problems can mean bigger problems down the road. Multiple furnace service calls within two years can be a sign that the furnace has a major problem.

One possible cause of a malfunctioning furnace is a faulty flame sensor. These can be dirtied, making them misread the temperature. To clean them, turn off the power source and remove the mounting screw. Then, use paper towels or fine sandpaper to clean the metal rod. If you have a furnace with a fan that runs constantly, this can be a sign that it’s time for Furnace Repair.

Costs for furnace repair vary significantly, depending on the type of furnace you have and the extent of the repair work. A furnace blower motor can cost from $150 to $450, and a complete replacement can cost upwards of $2,000 or more. Other parts of a furnace that may require repair include the furnace’s heat exchange, which warms the air that is blown through the system. If this part is damaged, it can cause dangerous buildup of carbon monoxide.

Other common symptoms of furnace problems include noisy furnaces. While all furnaces produce some noise while in operation, different noises indicate different problems. For example, a popping noise indicates loose metal in the duct run. If it’s loose, you should tighten the cover panels to fix the problem. However, a rattling sound may mean that a motor is failing, and you should call an HVAC professional to fix the problem.

Sometimes, a dirty filter could be causing the problem. To test your furnace’s filter, turn the furnace off and check the filter. If the filter is clean, the furnace is in good shape and isn’t causing any problem. However, you should not try to perform a repair on your own unless you have a good understanding of how furnaces work.

The cost of furnace repair depends on the parts you need. If you are concerned about the cost, it may be wise to seek a second opinion. Also, remember that a cheaper repair cost may not necessarily mean that the parts used are of better quality. In this case, you need to choose the right HVAC repair professional who has experience in furnace repair.

If your furnace is turning on and off too quickly, chances are your air filter is dirty or worn. Changing air filters is a simple fix. However, if it does not fix the problem, you may need a furnace repair service. Another common problem is a malfunctioning blower motor. If this is the case, a professional can fix the problem for you.

Other signs that your furnace needs repair include the cycling of the furnace. This means that it is not warming the house properly. This could be due to a malfunctioning thermostat or an overheating problem. If you notice this, it is important to call a professional immediately. Also, make sure you check the filter and clean it regularly.