Closer Look At Dental Implants Jacksonville FL  

Dental Implants services include placing permanent replacement teeth in the patient’s jaws. The procedure begins with the extraction of the failing tooth, followed by a bone graft, followed by implant placement. The implant is then attached to the jaw bone with a screw. Following the procedure, patients are required to return for follow-up visits to check the implant’s fit, function, and appearance. Typically, the procedure takes about 6 months. Dental Implants Jacksonville FL

The cost of dental implants can vary, depending on the number of missing teeth. During the consultation, you will be given an idea of the estimated cost and time it will take to complete the procedure. You will also be given a written treatment plan, which will detail how the procedure will be conducted and how much it will cost.

Implants are placed in the jawbone to mimic the shape and size of a natural tooth. Once in place, the replacement tooth is attached to the abutment. In some cases, the dentist may not even need an individual crown, as the implant will hold the replacement tooth. Other patients may only need attachments on the implant.

Dental Implants services are usually accompanied by a period of numbing medication. This medication is used to ensure that the patient will not experience severe post-operative pain or discomfort. Antibiotics are also administered to help the patient recover. Most patients do not experience any post-operative infections, though some may develop these infections. During the implant placement procedure, great care is taken to ensure a secure implant. A poorly-placed implant can damage the nerve in the lower jaw, which supplies sensation to the lower lip and chin.

If a dental implant is necessary, there are several different procedures that can be performed. The type of implant chosen depends on the patient’s overall health and treatment goals. Some people need only one implant, while others need several implants for complete restoration. A popular time-saving procedure is Teeth-in-an-hour. The procedure is computer-guided and can provide a full set of teeth in one operation.

In addition to improving the appearance of the patient, dental implants improve the patient’s oral health, speech, and chewing. They also restore a person’s confidence. Implants are highly durable and biocompatible, and can replace one or several missing teeth. Dental implants also preserve adjacent teeth and enamel. In addition, they resist cavities.

Some patients choose to have all their missing teeth replaced. This treatment is known as All-On-4 and requires four dental implants per arch. Another method is the Classic Implant Bridge, which uses two to four implants per arch.